Agency 1693 was born out of necessity. A select few students at William & Mary recognized that their small businesses needed a group of intelligent marketers, and what better group to tap than that of our peers?

T. JacksonFounding President


Founded in 2017, Agency 1693 serves the local community and campus at William & Mary.  Its members include both business and non-business majors who work together with fresh perspectives to find unique solutions for organizations’ marketing needs.

A marketing campaign for the future can not be built without the marketers of the future.

Jack Cornett

President & Chief Growth Officer

I run the ship administratively, recruit new clients, and help our young shop keep growing.
Fun Fact: I play the bagpipes!

Jack Spencer

Chief Financial Officer

I am responsible for overseeing the budget and payroll. I also work with the leadership team to ensure that financial planning aligns with the organization’s strategic vision.
Fun Fact: I can’t get anywhere without a GPS.

Jhanvi Patel

Director of Talent

My main job is to keep agency information organized and help in the hiring process.
Fun Fact: I am afraid of bugs

Sophie Morris

Co-President & Chief Client Officer

I serve as the point person for all of our accounts, keeping our clients happy first and foremost and managing each account team. I also make key agency-wide decisions with the help of my co-president.
Fun Fact: I live on a horse farm!

Tara Tiernan

Director of Digital Marketing

I lead the internal Agency 1693 website development and social media teams and continuously look to improve the internal Agency 1693 branding and marketing strategies.
Fun Fact: I have ridden in the same SoulCycle class as David Beckham!